North shore student takes on world of science

Posted by Editor • Saturday, July 10. 2010 • Category: News
Vivian Lee
Pymble Ladies College student Vivian Lee has been chosen to represent Australia in the International Science Olympiad in Korea this month. Vivian is one of only sixteen young Australian’s selected to take on other Biology students from across the globe. For this busy HSC student, science is all about the skills. The Olympiad consists of two individual examinations, including a practical, lasting for five hours each.

“It’s been a lot of studying in the holidays,” she says.

In order to be chosen, seventeen- year- old Vivian participated in various holiday programs including examinations at Monash University in Melbourne.

“The camps were very intense, they taught us a lot,” she says.

While busily preparing for these exams as well as schoolwork, Vivian insists that hard work and sleep are the keys to success.

“The night before an exam I read as much of the text- book as I can and try to go to bed early, you need to make sure your brain is working,” she says.

Vivian is studying four- unit mathematics as well as chemistry and physics. She hopes to pursue her interest in science in the future.

“I think medical research would be a pretty nice thing to do,” she says.

The International Science Olympiad will be held from July 10 in Korea.

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