Mobile speed cameras set to increase speeding fine revenue

Posted by Editor • Monday, June 14. 2010 • Category: News
Mobile speed cameras will add to the existing fixed camera network
Revenue from speeding fines could increase by $279 million with the re-introduction of mobile speed cameras by the NSW Government. Due to recent accidents and fatalities, mobile speed cameras will operate from roadside vehicles from July 19 onwards. The RTA’s Darragh Brennan says cameras will be placed on roads with a known crash history in order to save lives rather than raise revenue. “Mobile speed cameras are recognised internationally as the best practice road safety counter measure to reduce speeding and crashes,” he says. Former Transport Minister David Campbell announced the measures earlier this year, stating that they were necessary to curb speeding drivers and resulting accidents.

“We make no apology for implementing these measures to save lives,” he said.

The program will be implemented gradually and motorists will initially be issued warning letters rather than infringement notices until drivers are aware of the changes.

“If motorists do the right thing and drive within the speed limit, they won’t be fined,” says Brennan.

However, Pedestrian Council of Australia CEO Harold Scruby is disappointed that the cameras will be operated from marked cars and that signage will be used.

“They will be overt – not covert – which is a bit of a disappointment from our perspective,” he says.

“Over time let’s hope this changes, because the evidence [is in] – it works in other states because they are covert,” he says.

The locations of the cameras will be based on NSW Police and NRMA statistical data. The locations, once finalised, will be available on the RTA website.

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